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2016 Election– On Behalf of Respect and Equality


The morning of November 9th, I woke up disheartened, confused. The people around me are not who I thought they were. My country is not what I thought it was. Everything seemed dangerous and unstable. A social foundation I once perceived to be stable and supportive has collapsed– maybe it was an illusion to begin with. Maybe I have been lied to, entirely. Regardless, A system which boasted of protection has allowed a narcissistic predator to speak on my behalf, to make decisions that have access to my home, my loved ones, my future I am disgusted. I am afraid– afraid for the people around me, more hardworking and deserving than I, who will be more subject to ridicule, resistance, and rejection than they were just weeks ago. I am afraid that I will open my door, each morning, to a less welcoming world than I once knew.

This part of me, the part which speaks from stagnancy and fear, has been comfortable for far too long. American government has been corrupt and ineffective for as long as I’ve lived under its guidance and rule. I have fallen for a false sense of safety, and the empty promises of able, logical authority. My leaders act for majority with whom I do not agree, follow, or align. My government does not work for me, it works around me. How lucky for me that I have existed comfortably within its confines for so long. I was spoiled in both privilege and separation. Many have not been so lucky. Now, I, too, am threatened.

I am still lucky. I am far from hopeless. I am educated, strong in both will and intellect, and ready to combat sources of prejudice and corruption. There are people around me, however, who will face more fear, more restriction, and far more hate than I. This means, for those of us, still privileged and able, although saddened by are transitioning leadership, we have a responsibility to serve those in greater danger. It is no longer enough for us to shake our heads behind the screens of our laptops and TV’s. It is not time for us to fester and worry in corners while we allow a megalomaniac to manipulate his puppets in front of us. It is time for us all to confront a flawed system that is now screaming for help.

Stop crying. Stop sitting still. Feel the heaviness, but carry it with you. Speak with your minority friends and acquaintances, and ask how they are feeling. If you identify with a minority group threatened by Trump and his supporters, do not lose confidence, allow yourself to be heard. I plan to write letters, to sign petitions, to peacefully protest. You should, too.

Things are not okay. Things are wrong, grim, menacing. But I am okay. And you are okay. We are strong. I am grateful for the facets of government that inhibit too much power in the hands of any one leader. I am grateful for checks and balances (although they are fewer, considering our current Republican rule in Congress). I am grateful for the privilege I have lived under for so long. I am even grateful for the opportunity to stand on behalf of women, LGBTQ, and racial minorities.

Remember that not everyone around you suddenly believes what the presidential administration preaches. There are just as many people ready to combat government as there are ready to serve it. So those who believe in change and equality, respect for diversity and environment, those who see dysfunction and wish to reverse it, those who believe in the beauty of other cultures and global relationships, stand with me. Those who have come to these conclusions long before I have, teach me. I am heavy. I am angry. I am confused. And I want to be. I want to do something about it.

Here, I have listed links to some petitions that may be some good, small places to start acting:

Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19

Do Not Allow Myron Ebell to Lead the EPA Transition