Crowd Funding, Support, and a Lot of “Thank Yous”

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Two weeks ago, I was in a very rough place, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I felt so stuck– stuck financially, stuck physically, stuck in depression, literally stuck on my couch all the time. I was doing everything in my power to keep myself healthy and following all the advice of my doctors– STILL, I had so much pain all the time, I had no energy and no self-esteem. I didn’t have the money to progress with the medical tests recommended by new doctors, and I didn’t have the money to continue supporting the treatments I’ve already started. There were resources for healing just out of reach, but they would never be accessible to me. I keep opening the doors to new treatments, and they keep slamming shut before I’ve made it across the threshold. I spend resources on new tests that come back negative, and I’ve tried countless treatments that haven’t helped.

I blog bearing good news today. Under a week ago, I posted the story of my struggles with chronic illness on In five days, I made over twice my original goal of $2,000 (some donated separately from gofundme). I am so, incredibly grateful to all the wonderful souls who offered their support and helped by donating, offering kind words, or sharing My campaign page. The amount of compassion I received was beyond amazing. Not only do I now have the resources to pursue adequate diagnosis and treatment, but I also have a huge community of supportive and understanding friends and family that I’d been taking for granted in my battle. We are rarely as alone as we think we are when we are faced with such trying situations.

Another thing my crowd fund helped with is social image, a constant struggle for the chronically ill. I’ve been sick for four years, and selectively hid my illness from friends and family because of my pride, as well as my fear of rejection. I am disabled, I can’t relate to people the way I used to, and I didn’t know how to explain it or whether I should hide it. Posting my story online and getting such a positive response was so uplifting. I no longer feel desperate or embarrassed about my lack of abilities. I no longer feel stuck. I am empowered, I am supported, and I am strong. Thank you, again, to everyone who participated in my gofundme campaign. I hope you recognize yourselves as the heroes you are.

In the next month, I plan to use funding for a hydrogen breath test for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth from Commonweath Laboratories. This is a disorder where bacteria migrate from the large intestine to the small intestine, causing intense abdominal pain, as well as food sensitivities. I also plan to get food sensitivity testing done by US BioTek Labs, Inc. I’ll post more details about these tests and my progress with diagnosis in the next few days. Please keep reading for updates on my recovery!

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