Looking Out for Yourself– How to Respond Actively to Rejection


Rejection is hard. I feel like I’ve been rejected by the world- the world that gave me a debilitating disease and refuses to let me heal. I feel like I’ve been rejected by the doctors who are supposed to help me, but still give me no answers. I feel like I’ve been rejected by friends and loved ones, who try to understand, but eventually push me aside and pass judgement. Everywhere I turn, I find a dead end. There is no resolution. There is no healing.

Still, I have to keep looking out for myself. No one is going to line my path with a red carpet or feed me healing with a silver spoon. Sometimes, answers are buried deep in the fathomless soil of Earth’s challenges. But the answers are there. Somewhere, there is peace and resolution.

It’s easy to tell ourselves that rejection happens to us- to give ourselves excuses to sulk and wait for things to get better. We have just as much power to make things happen in response to the rejection. Fight for yourself. Love yourself. The world obviously isn’t looking out for you, so you have to look out for you. You were placed in this life with endless opportunities for success, and all the resources to find them. How dare you waste those opportunities. How dare you settle for a small life, full of pain. There are answers to your questions, and an end to your pain. Keep your heart close to them, and create your own peace along the way. That is the only way to live.

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