New Blog Direction and the Chronic Fatigue Community

I’ve decided to make a few changes to the blog. I’d like to become more a part of the Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia awareness community on the web. I want to be more connected with my audience, and to start giving more practical advice and insight as to what remedies I’m trying, and to what knowledge I’ve gained from books, doctors, and other bloggers. I want the blog to start being an actual blog with a presence among the great interwebs, instead of just acting as a quiet outlet for me- a step above a journal.

I’ve been hesitant sharing my blog and gaining publicity because I’m unsure about my diagnosis, as well as the labels Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I think they are blanket phrases that refer to a variety of symptoms, without considering their more specific lifestyle and infectious causes. In other words, I think there is a cause for my illness, such as bacterial or parasitic infection that was missed by Western medical testing. When my illness wasn’t explained by the standard list of tests, it was labeled “Chronic Fatigue” which basically means “I have the symptoms that anyone with a compromised immune system would have after such prolonged suffering.” “Fibromyalgia” is the intense muscle pain and weakness that often accompanies chronic fatigue.

My conclusion? I think there is more to learn, and more to fight for. I don’t accept Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia as adequate explanation. However, I do think that having a vague diagnosis helps connect me to more information and other sufferers with similar symptoms. I also think that an online community is an effective design for channeling new information and positive resources among activists. My goal is for the blog to take some new steps in becoming part of such a community.

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